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preventing illnesses in daycare

Child care is a necessity in many people's lives. Unfortunately, something so necessary can put your child at an increased risk of getting sick more often than he or she would if child care services weren't needed. What can you do to ensure that your child doesn't bring home every virus being passed around the child care facility? Is there anything you can do to help stop the spread of germs? Take a minute to visit my website where you will learn about the nutrients that can help boost your child's immune system and what you can do to keep your child healthy during the cold and flu season.


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preventing illnesses in daycare


3 Preschool Science Activities You Can Do With Your Child

It is important to begin teaching your child at an early age while their brain has critical periods of learning, even before kindergarten starts. Beginning at age three, you can involve your child in preschool at home or out of the home. In a 25-year study recently concluded, it was found children who participate in preschool have a higher chance to have more education in life, higher incomes, health insurance, and no criminal records.